Constantly chasing something thats in the opposite direction of something way better.

I loved going to first friday and knowing every face at every corner. I havent heard so many yelling Yanga like that in a long time. After being cooped up in the house for a month isn’t so healthy…and it reminded me that I’m not awkward with everyone, there is actually a crowd I can properly socialize with and be my loud self with.
It was refreshing looking at other artwork and talking with other artists, it made me realize why (well partially) as to why my summer has been so empty. Back during the school year I looked foward to art class and eating lunch in Schwakes with wonderful company…lately the most I look foward to is a cup of coffee and pandesal. Which was great at first, but after 30 days of that sitting at the same spot at the dining table…c’mon.

But when I move, dang, things will be more eventful…I hope.
I’m going to have my daily intake of pandesal and coffee now.

I like sarcastic, overconfident men who are beyond witty the most. This attraction will be the death of me 

Day 8) A song song that describes you

Well…Moose actually wrote this song for me, for my debut. And in all honestly she described me pretty spot on. I never would have thought of metaphorically comparing myself to a broken bird though, but hey. She wrote about my sheltered upbringing in a way I never thought could be put into a song. It was her way of showing how she views me. I actually cried the first time I heard it, and it really shows her talent as an artist. I believe this was one the best presents I received for my birthday

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Day 7) a song from my childhood

I remember this always playing on the radio when I was younger; such carefree times

The moment the bell would ring I would call my partner in crime for that night. We would grab our things and head straight to the Starbucks two blocks away. Steering clear of the crazies of the streets while having a conversation that majority of the time consisted of nonsense but pretty great laughs. Walking back to school with a Venti in hand, camping out either near the tech’s nook, behind the lowden stairs, or a classroom that happened to not be locked. I loved these days. It was another chance to get to know my friend a little more, talk about things that never surfaced during the school day. And whenever something weird happens, which is inevitable in downtown, it only made looking back on this memory better and a more entertaining story to tell. The concerts were always good. Especially the Jazz concerts, but that’s just me being biased. These days always ended on a good note. It was like I never wanted to leave high school sometimes.

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Day 6) a song I love but won’t admit to.
I grew up with this always playing on the radio, reminds me of good vibes y’know. It’s a cheesy love song, but a good one.

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Day 5) a song attached to memory.
Involves a childhood crush. A midnight adventure. Water balloons. And this song sung on karaoke.

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Day 4) best song to listen to at the beach
I was actually listening to this when we were leaving the beach a few summers ago. It was so nice, the sun was setting painting the most incredible colors in the sky, I felt a little drained from the heat, sand everywhere, and the window was halfway open letting the cool salty breeze brush our faces.

Day 3) Best karaoke song
Especially when it’s at a Filipino party and you’re not afraid to sing it loud and proud with Neekay


Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal at age 22. Today, FORBES tells the story of how it happened.

She’s my hero and my ultimate inspirational icon

Day 2) Best Song to fall asleep to

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Day 1) Best Song to wake up to

Day 1) Best Song to wake up to
Day 2) Best Song to fall asleep to
Day 3) Best karaoke song
Day 4) Best song to listen to at the beach
Day 5) Song attached to a memory
Day 6) Song you love but won’t admit to it
Day 7) Song from your childhood
Day 8) A song that describes you
Day 9) The Best Song to work out to
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Day 13) A song that feels like everything is going to be ok
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Day 16) A song you want to play at your funeral
Day 17) Best song to listen to on a midnight adventure
Day 18) A song that you love to sing at the top of your lungs
Day 19) A song from a band you want to see live
Day 20) A song you’ve heard live
Day 21) Favorite cover
Day 22) Favorite acoustic version
Day 23) Perfect date song
Day 24) Perfect picnic song
Day 25) Your parents (or favorite married couple’s) wedding song
Day 26) Perfect song to meet your soulmate to
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Day 28) A song with lyrics you love
Day 29) A song with lyrics you wish you knew the meaning to
Day 30) A song that makes you feel infinite

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